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Originally Posted by tdfast View Post
Howson's biggest problem was Columbus wasn't bad enough to get good players in the draft. Howson ran six drafts and I don't see one where there was a great player taken right away after Columbus took a bum.

In his first draft he took Voracek, who currently sits third in career points for the whole draft, with the other two guys taken before him.

Filatov was a bad pick in 2008 but there really was no star forward after that, until you get to Eberle all the way at #22. The only way to imporve on that pick was to go D with Myers or Karlsson, but those guys went at 12 and 15. They would have been a reach at 6.

2009 was a late pick and Moore was a good fit. Whether he develops is another story but we'll see.

The worst pick was probably taking Johansen over Skinner in 2010. 2011 was traded away and the jury is out on Murray.

So I don't see any problems with the picks, they were just too low to get that one or two top guys in each draft. And they didn't find any gems late. The biggest problem was they didn't build on Nash and they didn't rebuild. They got caught in the middle.

You can argue that Howson wasn't good at hiring professionals in terms of coaching, scouting and development.

But you can't argue he was particularly bad at trades or at actually selecting players. The only difference I would have had was that I was much higher on Fowler than Johansen at the time of the draft.

Many people see "top-10" and assume that player should be a Tyler Seguin type. In reality players drafted outside of the top-3 aren't "all that." In fact, after the first 3 you tend to get guys who have "elite skills" but need quite a bit of development or have issues that caused them to drop. Guys like Filatov who are high risk high reward. It's too high of a reward to pass on at #8 but also there is a significant degree of risk involved. Once you get to picks in the mid-teens you can safely select a guy who projects as a 2nd or 3rd liner but is fairly safe in his development.

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