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Swamp Devils pick the man who was the best center in Czechoslovakia during their golden age in the 1970s,

Milan Novy, C

Novy led the Czechoslovak league in scoring 5 times, was 2nd 4 times, and 3rd once. This is the best scoring record of any Czech forward during the era by a pretty wide margin, though unlike Martinec, Novy played for a stacked team. Novy was relatively balanced between goal scoring and playmaking. Based on Golden Stick voting, Novy was the 2nd best Czech forward of the era after Vladimir Martinec, which is fair. Novy was also known as a hard worker during his career.

Martinec was usually better in the World Championships, but Novy had some big moments in International Tournaments too. He was the only member of the Silver Medalist Czechoslovak team named as an All Star at the 1976 Canada Cup and he was named team MVP. He led the 1980 Olympics in scoring; 2nd place was Peter Stastny in what I believe was his last major tournament before coming to North America.

Here's EB's profile from last year:

Recently, official All Star Teams from Czechoslovakia have been found which should make Novy's standing here rise even more.

Official All-Star Teams existed in Czechoslovakia from 1969-1977. Novy was named All-Star center in 1975, 1976, and 1977.

TIP magazine named "best defenseman, best goalie, and best forward" in Czechoslovakia from 1977 (notice the one year overlap) to 1992. These seem official too, as they are quoted in Dominik Hasek's TSN profile: Novy was named best forward in Czechoslovakia in 1977, 1978, 1981, and 1982.

Czechoslovakian hockey was in decline by 1981 and 1982 due to retirements and defections, but it is noteworthy that for 4 straight years from 1975-1978, Novy at least has a case as the best forward in the country that won 2 of 4 gold medals at the World Championships over the USSR and that finished 2nd to Canada at the Canada Cup.

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