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02-20-2013, 01:25 PM
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Not to hold the Avs completely blameless in this mess, as they perhaps could have handled things better....

But after reading O'Reilly's fathers manifesto on the situation I am leaning 90% towards the O'Reilly camp being to blame on this matter....with most of the blame going to O'Reilly's dad. The guy is clueless towards the workings of the NHL and the value of players. If I knew anyone that was using him as a "life coach" or whatever it is he does I would tell them to fire him.

Character is important, and that's why guys with bricks for hands and that skate like they are in sand get jobs in the NHL and oftentimes get a bit more than we expect. But to get the big bucks you have to have more than character and one slightly above average season.

Lindros part 2 for the Avs/Nords Franchise. Ditch your dad as a coach/manager/career adviser Ryan and keep him as just your dad. Your career and life will thank you.

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