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02-20-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
more or less agree with your assessment... except for the last part.

how can he be "way overpaid" and yet there not be a problem with is game right now?

He's paid to be a top-6, if not top-line, scoring winger who ALSO brings leadership & quality defensive play to the table.

That his offensive game is no longer up to par, imo is a big problem.

Certainly we shouldn't be giving him away for nothing, because as you nailed it, he is playing very well in the defensive match-up role that his line mostly operates in... but 5M$ for a smallish fwd whose best attribute is sound defensive play is not money well spent.
We can find players via trade or UFA that can fill that kind of role for far less.

MB should be quietly shopping him around, and if a suitable offer presents itself, pull the trigger.
In the meantime, it would be nice to see MT stop using him so heavily on the PP (Gionta leads the team in fwd pp time/game, amazingly) & get both Galch & Eller out there more often.

it will be interesting to see, were that to happen, how Gionta would handle it. If he's the quiet leader he's made out to be, then it shouldn't be an issue.
I think he's overpaid in the sense that I question whether or not he's a 25-30 goal scorer anymore and a 55-60 point producer. I think at this point in his career Gionta is a 15-20 goal scorer 35-45 point producer..which I don't think it worth 5 million. However, he does have excellent subtleties to his game which are soo important to the team's success. I don't mind the overpayment, it doesn't bother me that much, especially when I am happy with Gionta's game.

Gionta's game imo is hard to replace. I think he's extremely underrated as a defensive forward, even though people do praise that part of his game. His work on the backcheck and his work in his own zone are quite a sight to see. He plays such a key role with Plekanec in shutting down opposing players, it's impressive.

Trading Gionta to get rid of the overpayment is okay, but I still think you'll have a tough time finding the defensive side combined with his work ethic of his game in any other top 6 foward at a reasonable price (trade wise, not cap wise).

The Rangers broadcaster's even said yesterday that when they asked Therrien about the defensive game, he singled out Gionta and praised his importance to that aspect of the Habs' system.

I am more than comfortable with his game and the overpayment doesn't bother me, especially if we keep winning the way we have.

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