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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Ok first of all, that's Trouba's FLOOR. That means if all goes wrong, that's what we get.

As far as your second comment, what can I tell you? I don't like his game!!! Everytime I watch him, I'm underwhelmed. Do you want me to lie and say I don't see things this way? It's a matter of opinion. I know MDZ plays tons of minutes on the PP (over 4mins per game on avg last season | over 3 mins per game on avg this season) but the Rangers PP is terrible! Last in the NHL so far this year and 23rd overall last year. So, I just don't know what to tell you except that I absolutely trust my instincts when it comes to this sort of thing.

Maybe we'll look back on this thread in 2-3 years and the trade will have happened and it will be a positive thing or maybe the trade won't have happened and we'll be glad it didn't. We'll see.
Fair enough, and I think this illustrates our different preferences. If his ceiling is a similar player to EJ's floor right now like you say, where he's solid defensively, and chips in 20-30 points on a season, I don't see a strong need for another player like that if we're giving up O'Reilly. That's his ceiling, and I can see Siemens potentially playing a similar role, but maybe off on his point totals by 5-10.

They need to find a guy that can bring in more offense. 40+ points at worst, which is basically what MDZ is right now at 22 if he were to plateau out from here. An outlet passer alone would be a huge addition to this team that basically has no one capable of doing that well, except for the occasional one from Wilson. Let alone the rest of his game.

A player like Little that we don't need, and an unproven prospect that doesn't have a particularly high offensive ceiling is not a particularly appealing package to address this teams current and future needs IMO. I'll take an MDZ and Miller (or other piece) package any day of the week over that, even if they have to throw in a defenseman or mid round pick, as opposed to that Winny package straight up for O'Reilly.

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