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02-20-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bumperkisser View Post
i said unproven NHL goaltender.. i said nothing about him being a rookie with no professional experience..

and 2.9 is not money that the backups get. find me a team where the backups get 2.9M. The only goalie tandem I can think of where the second goalie gets over 2.9m is vancouver, and thats because they have 2 starting goaltenders. A 2.9M cap hit is actually more expensive than some goalie TANDEMS across the league.

Fasth has shown SO FAR that he can do that, but he's definitely unproven as he only has 8 games in the NHL. If he ends up becoming steve mason that is an absolutely horrid contract for us. we are not a CAP TEAM. we still have getzlaf and perry to sign.

nowhere did I say that this was an AWFUL SIGNING. all I said was that to give him this much money ALREADY after only 8 games is really really EARLY.
2.9 isn't as harsh as the 8 million or so we were paying for useless players.

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