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02-20-2013, 03:10 PM
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Now were talking!

In my opinion only here, this is the Core lineup

Richards, Carter, Kopidor, Doty, Green, Voynov, Quick and Brown.

Richards is one of the best 2 way players when he's on his game. He's not going to score a ton of goals, but he's very capable at setting up plays and finding open players. His defense is in question thus far, but is now showing signs of improvement. Great pest, great faceoffs, kills penalty's and helps the PP. He shouldn't go anywhere. He IS the Bob Clark of the modern era.

Carter is the balance the 2nd line needs to keep other teams on their heels. He plays with one hand on the stick in the D zone to much for my taste, but he more than makes up for it with a sick shot, and ability to sneak to open spots. He's underrated in the sense he can join any line and make that line dangerous. I just wish he would go east west more often on goalies. He's got good hands.

Kopitar is a stud! Ok so he's not shooting the puck as much, but hey, they Kings arent under the radar anymore. Every team has watched what the Kings did last summer and are playing him closer. He's not getting the slot to much this year as teams are keeping him to the outside. He will find a way to get back to those areas and put the money home.

Doughty is still young and I get whats going on with him this year. He's playing way to much, and not comfortable with it. He wont say it but if you watch his play, he's not taking the reigns by the horn anymore and maybe conserving energy? By the end of the year, he will learn, and overcome this.

Green is in my opinion, the baddest dog in the house on defense. He can eat a ton of minutes, he's always there, great PK, fights when needed, and clogs up the lanes very well. With him out of the lineup, I feel its greens absence the Kings are missing, not so much WM. I know its a bold statement, and will take any flack from it. If he passed the puck any better, you all would agree with me.

Voynov is the reason we got Carter. It's good to see him fit in with the defense so smoothly. He still scares me with the way he holds onto the puck with pressure on, but he gets it done somehow. If he works on outlets better he will be a great top 4 or perhaps a top 2.

Quick is not looking like his old self either, but I'm thinking its cause of the D in front of him that's leaving him exposed to the cross passes that are getting threw. He's always let that bad goal in from time to time, but makes up for it with his post to post play. No question to me he's the best east-west goalie in the league.

Brown is beast when he shows up. I think he's played a total of 20 minutes this year. For whatever reason, he's just not on his game yet. He's streaky too, so maybe its time for him to wake up and become beast Brown for a few games. BUT when he DOES show up, He's one of the best in the game at what he does. Wouldn't trade him now for anyone.

I think that Green and Mitchel being out of the lineup is hard on the team as a whole. Being the defensive team they are, its showing in the + - department. We've added Ellerby and all I can think of, is when Willy and Greener are back, how good the D will look IF they get into the playoffs.

Most others not mentioned are not core players and if any one or two of them are traded I wouldn't be to sad. I say two because I'm not one to trade the team and fire everyone, but I think the team's lost that hunger they had over the last few years that only a new hungry player/players can bring to the team. Ok lets exclude Clifford from the trade list, maybe next year he can be a core player too. I just don't know if he's playing better, or because the rest are playing so poorly, it makes him look better. Time will tell, and he deserves the time for sure.

Just my opinion here guys and I'm no guru by any means.

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