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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
It's tough because it can be hard to look at another roster sometimes and find a comparable piece. Pyatt is a nice 3rd line player with size, it's just that as the Jets are not looking like much of a playoff team, it doesn't seem like solid asset management to move a young guy with upside for him.

On RW though, Postma is no where near worth your two top prospects (Miller and Kreider), but after that I'm not sure if the rest are similar to what we have. Maybe a guy like Fasth? Tough to say though as I don't know anything about him. And the fact that it looks like the Jets mandate is to get big and tough doesn't help.

If the Jets are trading Postma, it would be nice to get a comparable player in terms of age and upside back, just in a position of need. Postma has been putting up .7 ppg in the AHL the last three years and has been a 1st team all-star. So it would be nice to either get a young forward with similar credentials, or a young defensive defenseman (preferably LH).
Thank you for the polite and informative response.
The reason I suggested Pyatt AND Yogan was because it gave you a productive stopgap for now plus a piece w/upside.

If I had a younger guy we could spare that fit the description more precisely, sure. But I'm not sure we do.

Fast (previously Fasth) is not untouchable, but he appears to be part of the big picture for the moment --- would like to see him in some games w/Hagelin --- and sort of as insurance if something should happen to Callahan. In that sense, he's not really surplus.

You're right about Miller + Kreider.

Christian Thomas is every bit as skilled as Miller, maybe even a better shot, but is a tad undersized, a real Marty St. Louis boom bust who has minimum 4 expectation to stick, but could move higher if he puts on enough weight.

Feel free to take your time, review our prospects and see if we can't do a win-win with a prospect, pick and possibly a Pyatt for Postma and a lesser pick.

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