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02-20-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
The value will go up because of marketability and revenue potential that NYC and related financial support brings. See above post for starters.

Why would a franchise need to be portable playing in the biggest city in North America? Why go anywhere else?

As for the sightlines, have you been there yet? I have and the sightlines are great even from the upper bowl. Perhaps that entire issue is HIGHLY overstated. While adding an upper level of luxury boxes, the Coliseum created hundreds if not thousands of obstructed seats in the last rows of their bowl. Views that are so bad, small screens hang off the upper level so that fans sitting in those last rows can watch the live event on TV! For whatever the reason though, most Islander fans have never complained about this.

Then thereís MSGÖ

NHL rinks are 200 ◊ 85 feet. They offer the narrowest dimensions of any of the major team sports played to be played on a rectangular surface. (by this Iím including soccer, football and hoops). MSG is shaped like cylinder. Fitting a 200◊85 rectangle into a circle leaves for incredibly poor sightlines. Yet Iíve never heard the Rangers, their fans, or the NHL complain.

If the lease allows NYI to increase in value half of what the Nets received from the move it will be incredible.
There definitely have been complaints by Ranger fans and it's pretty much been fixed with the renovation. When they build the bridges in the Garden, the complaints will come back.

And a few sections in Barclays Center will definitely be horrible for hockey. If you look at the sections on the left, you could see that the seats aren't even going to be facing the left goal at all. It's not even a slight angle--it's huge.

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