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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
1. I understand that, I was asking rhetorically because Toronto and Boston fans creep in here all the time.

2. I don't think it's inaccurate. It was pretty arrogant to call the Habs a boring team, or to claim that the team that BEAT YOU played poorly.

3. How much hockey do you watch? I caught the first period and a bit, it was tactical and very well executed defensively.

Besides I was just ranting to my fellow Habs fans, it doesn't pertain to anyone else really.
I've watched all but 1 Ranger game this year and I'd say around 7 full games of no-ranger hockey (I have center ice, but I tend to watch a period here, a period there).

The Habs played a fine tactical game, they played gaps well and got in front of shots - I know that game, I'm a Ranger fan. At no point did they scare me, but they controlled their own zone very well - better than the Rangers did.

My point was not to slag the game the Habs played, but to defend the statement that Tortorella made: both teams were unimpressive. Put it this way, if that Marc Staal shot that got blocked and lead to the 3 on none game winning goal had been placed an inch to the right and had ended up pin balling off two players and past Price, would Habs fans be praising what a fine game the Rangers played? No, you'd be in this thread lamenting that you lost a sloppy game on a bad bounce. That is my point, both teams were bad, the Rangers were worse, and it is not arrogant to say that.

Anyway, I will end my input there. I did not come to puck a fight, just to get the Hab fan reaction to the game. I responded when I saw an opinion that I disagreed with, that's all.

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