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07-13-2006, 06:34 AM
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by far your best deal is on the Bauer XXX, you can find them for $90-$110 at the lowest. They are a great performing stick and the durability is pretty nice. The Bauer XXX lite is crappy on durability and the feel is not very good IMO. BUT since you are new and might want to experiment with different curves I recommend a standard shaft... this once again brings me to the Easton Ultra lite or the z-bubble. Possibly a TPS red lite, which would give you great durability and good feel. Also the mission L-2 is a pretty good shaft and you can find a shaft + 2 blades combo from most of the bigger name online hockey stores for about $130,

All in all I don't recommend a one-piece unless you know you're going to like the curve, a (standard, non-tapered)shaft would offer you almost unlimited options in blade patterns. The best part about a shaft + blade setup is that a very large percent of sticks are broken in the blade. With a one-piece that means either trashing it, cutting it to make it a shaft or selling it to someone to make it into a shaft; with a shaft + blade setup all you do is heat up the blade and pull it out and replace.

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