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07-13-2006, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by bladoww View Post
Well first thing that comes to mind is your skate size. Are your skates about 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoes? If not, they should be.

Secondly, You may need to crank those laces down good and tight. Get wax laces if you dont already have them. Waxed laces are often overlooked, but they will hold much better, and for like three bucks why not?

A buddy of mine was having the same problem you are when he started out. He insisted he had the laces tied as tight as he could get them. After enough of his complaining I tied the skates for him. This seemed to work... around the toe area, make them super tight. Around the middle, just tie it to make it comfortable. But then when you get up to the top of the boot jack down those laces hardcore man. That should help you a lot. has these ankle straps you can get, and they don't look ******** either...
that doesn't work for everyone. I can't skate with the lower laces tight, it kills my feet. Only my top 4 eyelets get tied tight, everything else is pretty loose.

What is going to help you is a deep knee bend. Look at photos of pros skating notice how their knees are bent. What you are looking for is your knee caps to be over your toes, this will give you a lot more explosive power and will help with balance and should help counter your "bowleginess."

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