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02-20-2013, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
No surprise since you are Duck homer #1 on this board. Of course it's a great signing and you have two #1 goalies with three #1s in the pipeline as well.

It's definitely a risk; your argument of "We used to pay worthless players more" is asinine at best. That's like saying losing $10K on a football game is fine because you've lost $20K before. Making larger mistakes in the past doesn't mean a current mistake is not a mistake.

Also, you were paying these worthless players more under a larger salary cap, although I'm not sure if the Ducks in-house cap has moved up or down since last season. Regardless, it's a risk paying this kind of money to a goalie with 8 NHL games under his belt when you have an internal cap and 2/3rds of your 1st line to re-sign.

Of course, since Fasth is easily worth this after 8 games, I guess you can part ways with Perry since he hasn't been producing as much as Ducks fans would like and you're still winning. I mean, if 8 games is a large enough sample size then 15 should be enough to know you can let Perry walk since 10 in 15 isn't worth the money he's going to get.

Keep posting that record slick. Crazy to see a guy only five years removed from a Cup posting his team's record after 15 games like he's a fan of CBJ or something.
I thought you had a fair point until right here... One is a new NHL player with 8 games. The other is a veteran with over 500. Perry has years of evidence that points to what kind of player he is at the NHL level. Fasth has all of 8 games.

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