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02-20-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
Looking at the top20 for each system, and the idea that Sony & MS gave gobs of support to 3rd parties looks a bit hollow unless the game was Call of Duty. And a handful of series seem to dominate these lists just as much as they dominate Nintendo's.
You're comparing 7 Call of Duty/Activision games to 17 Nintendo games. This doesn't even answer the obvious sales discrepency between third parties on Nintendo platforms and third parties on other consoles, within the top 20 and outside of it. The top 20 really isn't important anyway, what's important are the core numbers and they've been pretty rough for third parties for a while now. I will add, you can't form a genuine argument around the propensity of third party sales on other platforms, and then exclude the largest third party franchise from the discussion. It would be like if we're discussing who has the most first party sales and then say that Mario games shouldn't count.

And I don't think anyone would argue that MS or Sony 'supported' third parties, merely that their platforms were the ones that gave a superior, reliable return. And have for a while now.

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