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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Yeah in hindsight that redraft move was pretty weird! Hiller and Fasth seem extremely solid right now, so only if they both get injured he will have any chance in the foreseeable future.
His chances in Carolina as backup contender with Dan Ellis behind Cam Ward looks actually about the same as Anaheim, since both Dan Ellis and Viktor Fasth has been outstanding backup goalies this season.
Frederik Andersen has to really impress in AHL and hope for a trade to a club that lacks a good backup goalie! So maybe Islanders...ever injured Di Pietro and old Nabokov. They might want to go after a good goalie and then having a cheap backup. If Nabokov gets "to old" or change club there might be a small opening?

Others ideas, thought, anyone?

A small hope might be that Viktor Fasth has signed a contract extension (2 year 5,8 mil dollar contract) so if he is really good for the rest of the season, they might try to sell Hiller before he is UFA and then Frederik Andersen are in a backup position!
Yeah well I guess one could have different opinions on that... It's not like I can go back and find a post where expressed my opinion back then, so this is a completely free shot but I thing it was a questionable choice already back then.

Even with Fasth out of the equation(As he was back then) there was Hiller - who might just have had a season of troubles with vertigo but still was in the Cam Ward(The reason he was fleeing the Hurricanes)-league if not better. And unlike Carolina Anaheim had made some sort of plan for the future after their current #1 - John Gibson. Again to be fair he's just had a great WJC and is on a great season but even back then he was a highly touted goalie prospect.

Haven't seen Dan Ellis a hole lot this year but isn't the difference between him and Fasth that Ellis did great during the lockout while Fasth has been great in the NHL? One is easier to compete with

But last time I checked Andersen actually seem to be getting some praise for his play in the AHL. And as you say either Fasth or Hiller could get traded and then he'd be the number 2... for some time. Things can play out differently than expected. There's always hope

EDIT: Oh and I think Islanders might rather go with Poulin and Nilsson... Can't seem to think of a team where the back-up spot could be had for Andersen. Chicago perhaps?

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