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Been here for a while, but might as well:

Name: David
Age: 27
Favorite actor(ess): Kevin Sorbo & Alyson Hannigan
Favorite director:
Favorite movies: How To Train Your Dragon, WALL-E, Independence Day, The Mask, ST: First Contact.
Favorite types of movies: Anything with depth. Can't be simply one genre. Most importantly, it can't take itself too seriously.
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek (All but DS9 and Enterprise), Buffy-verse, Eureka, MythBusters, Simpsons, Family Guy, Xena/Herc-verse.
Favorite type of music: Rock/Alternative
Favorite band/singer: Barenaked Ladies, Beatles, David Usher, David Gray.
Favorite song: Changes constantly. Currently "It's Beginning To Get To Me" by Snow Patrol.
Favorite album: Toss up between many albums. Hard Days Night and Help! (Beatles), Maroon and Are Me/Men (Barenaked Ladies) and more.
Favorite book: Don't read a whole lot of professional authors. The Dragonbards series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy and anything by Lillian Jackson Braun are my favourites from my very small sample size.
Favorite entertainment magazine: Don't read any.
Favorite Radio Show: Not sure if it counts, but I listen to Q107 a whole lot.

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