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02-20-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
I can't be a little proud of my team after the god awful year they had last year? I was actually going to change it to something Fasth related.

Oh and I may be a big Ducks supporter, and I'll admit I can be a homer, but I'm hardly homer number 1.

Also, I was just commenting on how 2.9 sure isn't a horrific gamble. I used the "useless players" argument to show that we got by just fine with dead dollars in the system. It's not ideal but 2.9 million isn't a back breaking contract worth getting worked up over. Premature or not. Yes it's early, but I don't think it's a bad move.
You didn't get by just fine with dead dollars in the system: you got the god awful year you had last year.

I have no problem with thinking it is a good move; however, I have a problem when anyone says that $3MM in dead cap space is not that big of a deal on a team with an internal cap.

I understand the reasoning and Lord knows Lombardi has done similar contracts (Matt Greene's extension comes to mind) but, if I were a Ducks fan, I'd be a bit weary of this deal on top of hating myself

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