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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
FWIW, Grigorenko plays about 50 sec a game elss than galchenyuk. One might suggest Grigorenko is even the more talented player and hasn't been performing as well(I don't think this is really an insult, just appears to be fact).

Not to you, but to others:
What many seem to overlook is who owns Grigorenko's rights in the Q. The QMJHL doesn't exactly produce top talent like the OHL or even the WHL anymore. So he's probably in the weakest junior league in canada. Not to mention, the Q isn't known for being as physical or defensive as the other two leagues. Scoring in the Q has been relatively easier in last few years for top prospects. Now, if the Sabres feel Grigorenko has NHL ability then why send him down as some suggested? If he's supposed to learn top systems and play with high quality competition to improve the Q won't help him. It may even stunt his development or reinforce a skill image rather than complete player image. They have a chance to monitor his conditioning, let him learn NHL caliber strategies and make him play against competition which will push him physically and mentally.

It may seem crazy to some but it's just a matter of what the alternative is. If Grigo was playing in OHL they might've sent him back. In the Q I don't think he has much left to learn.

Good post and I agree to a certain extent in your comparison to Galchenyuk. However, Grigs has been given inconsistent ice time ranging from 15 minutes to 7 minutes, scratched, benched and given a minute less PP time per game than Gally. To me, even for a rookie, that's not giving him the opportunity to show his stuff and also screwing with his confidence.

Now, I'm no expert in how to handle rookies, maybe he needs to be sheltered more. I think giving him some better linemates would help. Gallagher and Prust are an upgrade over Ott and Hecht in my opinion. Not by a mile, but they're still an upgrade. Foligno and Stafford are more comparable and maybe he'll succeed on that 2nd line for a game, maybe he won't but it will be nice to see him get some ice time nonetheless.

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