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Originally Posted by Veritas0Aequitas View Post
Good post and I agree to a certain extent in your comparison to Galchenyuk. However, Grigs has been given inconsistent ice time ranging from 15 minutes to 7 minutes, scratched, benched and given a minute less PP time per game than Gally. To me, even for a rookie, that's not giving him the opportunity to show his stuff and also screwing with his confidence.

Now, I'm no expert in how to handle rookies, maybe he needs to be sheltered more. I think giving him some better linemates would help. Gallagher and Prust are an upgrade over Ott and Hecht in my opinion. Not by a mile, but they're still an upgrade. Foligno and Stafford are more comparable and maybe he'll succeed on that 2nd line for a game, maybe he won't but it will be nice to see him get some ice time nonetheless.
I don't disagree and it's not a shot at Grigorenko. It may just be they want to teach him certain fundamentals before giving more responsibility. Skipping steps can always result in someone not doing the task properly. For instance, I'm not a bodybuilder but if you don't have proper form in lower weight, you'll probably injure yourself at higher weights. Now, does this mean Grigo is flawed? Probably not. It could be something as simple as Ruff(at the time) had a preference on how he wanted to develop Grigo.

I pointed out the league they play in because maybe behind the scenes there's been certain emphasis on erasing bad junior habits. I don't know, maybe not. I'm just brainstorming here.

I will agree it's unfortunate his ice time dips so low. In the case of galchenyuk he has 12:04 TOI/G average but has been over 10:00 every game in the season. Obviously that's a more consistent environment for someone to develop in. It could be something as simple as that really.

While I agree the montreal players in question are better, Gallagher is a rookie on his own so it may not have been a pre-determined "play with better linemates" scenario. Both have exceeded expectations in montreal and neither was established enough to say one would feed off the other going into the season.

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