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Originally Posted by NY Lito View Post
What answer? Answer to what?
Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
The answer to what exactly?
Whether he is the right fit for a team aspiring for the cup. IMO, his poor play rarely gets mentioned by the media/coaches/fans compared to other players on the team, even Lundqvist. There is absolutely no accountability for his poor play. People are saying on here to buyout Richards, trade Gaborik for picks, trade Del Zotto away, but I believe Callahan's play has been much worse than either of those players. No one seems to comment exercising the thought of trading him for some reason.

Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
Ok. Now you're just playing Devil's advocate or something. Because this is just garbage. I'm sorry, but Ryan Callahan =/= Chris Dreary. And that is all. So that team is not undefeated because we have Ryan Callahan, our notorious 4th line grinder, as you like to call him. The only team that Callahan is on the fourth line for is Team USA.

Your hate for Callahan has just reached levels of absurdity. WE should trade him for a fourth line pick while he still has some value.
Wow, way to take my words out of context.

Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
Well so nice of you to bring up the 2011 playoffs, which Callahan missed because he dove in front of a 100+MPH slap shot from Chara. That's some horrible captain material right there. Agreed.
I'd be lying if I told you I;d prefer to have an injury prone player as captain.

Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
So Dubinsky played one solid game in the playoffs where he scored a lucky goal and that makes him better than Callahan?

The guy has 25 goals in his last 164 games. That's 25 goals over two full seasons. Callahan had 29 in one season last year.
No, not better. But he steps up his game in the playoffs admirably. Haven't seen that same sense of urgency from the captain in last year's playoffs, of course everyone was saying he was playing injured when no such report came out. lol.

Originally Posted by darko View Post
Yeah lets get rid of our Captain.

As for Stepan it was only a week ago that lots of people wanted him gone. All of sudden he's the future.
Look at New Jersey and how they performed when they got rid of Langenbrunner. They have the best regular season winning % IIRC since he was traded.

And Stepan has always been a scapegoat on here for some reason. He was getting a ton of chances during his slump, but the masses on here were calling for his head on a platter. Quietly, he's been the 3rd best forward on the team this year after Hags and Nash.

Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Wow, just wow.

I guess you haven't watched many games over the past 4 seasons.

Other than Lundqvist Callahan has probably contributed to more w's then anyone on each of those seasons' rosters. Any of the other 29 teams will gladly take Callahan in a heartbeat, Dubinsky? Maybe half that. But no one should have to bring that up.

Listen - it was a bad loss. But this team has gotten points in 8 of the last 11 games. Lets not get totally out of hand with our griping.
lol? Callahan has been our team MVP after Lundqvist the past 4 seasons? Surely, you jest. The team has been carried by Lundqvist, our defense, Gaborik and then the Pack Line (with Callahan leading the way). Let's not overrate him here, he's a 2RW on this team, nothing more.

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