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02-20-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Why does it matter that goalies aren't coming out en masse to decry equipment size?

Why would one of the players who pioneered large equipment come out and say large equipment is bad? Roy doesn't strike me as someone who would say "oh hey, discredit/diminish a few years of my career because those pads I was using helped me." Why would he do that? Why would any goalie who played in that era be motivated to do that?
Pioneered large equipment? So now I'm being told that Roy actually won all those awards and records and trophies because he used large equipment? So happy to know that. This is the first I'm hearing about someone complaining about Roy about goalie equipment.

Why is Dryden more respected then Roy? Wouldn't Roy know a few more things about the game then someone like Dryden. Once again Dryden has not touched upon the subject of goalie equipment since it was trimmed down after the lockout which means he either agrees thats enough or he just doesn't care anymore.

Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Why would we give any credence to someone who thinks Martin Brodeur is a fraud?
It's a joke so lighten up. Satire at its best. And you don't want to give it credence because "goalies have no skillz, its all about the flops"

Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
GG - I don't think anyone here is saying "Goalies are bad and need to change." I don't mean to accuse you personally, but the message that seems to come from your posts is "We have all this great equipment, and we have a right to use it, because we have a right to our .920 save %age." "We are beating those **** shooters and no one is going to take away our right to beat them!!!"

I don't really care who wins - the shooters or the goalies. That is as useless a contest as "Who won the lockout?" The question is: How can the game be better? If the game is better if the goalies have a little less equipment to use and still be safe, and the d-men have less padding so there are fewer blocked shots, that is what I want.
There's no proof saying that the game will get better if goalie equipment is trimmed down. Its already been trimmed down. If they keep trimming it down then their falling under the definition of insanity. Start with the players equipment this time then we'll talk about the goalies equipment.

Also not sure what you mean by "if goalies have a little less equipment to use". Are you actually asking to take away equipment from the goalies? I can't imagine taking any piece of equipment away. Trimming it down yes, taking it away bad idea.

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