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Bluth Fantasy Discussion Thread Advance | Teams AVAILABLE | SEASON 3

Welcome to Bluth Fantasy, sister league of The Bluth Company

Below are the rules that I copied and pasted from The Bluth Company...


-Game Schedule: 2 weeks=3 real days schedule, games will be played for 2 weeks, 3 real days, and then i will sim the 2nd 2 week, 3 real day period. This means that roughly half of our season will be involuntarily simmed. This will be done so we can fit in a few more seasons and hopefully play about 9-11 seasons instead of 4-6. It has become a great blend of being both a talented player, and intelligent GM. With this extra seasons that are now allowed, growing your prospects for the future is now equally as important as utilizing your current players to their full potential.

Playing Your Opponent's CPU: In Bluth Fantasy we have a 3 day sim period that covers 2 weeks of NHL Games. GMs have 2 days to schedule their games. On the 3rd day, ONLY if you have made a honest effort to schedule a game with your opponent, either through HF Boards messaging or Xbox, can you then play your opponent's computer.

Messaging your opponents: Message your opponents! Its an almost statistical certainty that if you message all of your opponents you will get all or most of your games in that block and it is a Requirment for League Participation

2) When you message your opponents, all you need to do is the following...

-Go to the 1st page of either this thread or the Trade/Lineup thread
-Click the HF Username of your opponent, its a hyperlink to their PM Box
-Send them a message that looks like this...

This is a league requirement. GMs not doing this will be subjected to other, active, GMs playing their team's CPU and/or be removed from the league due to inactivity. This is a League Rule because i automatically sim half of the season already. That is the amount of games i've decided is the appropriate blend of actual skill at the game vs skill of managing your team. When you dont play your games, and force me to sim them, you're adding to the amount of simmed games per season, which disrupts the "Balance" of Play Skill vs GM skill.

================================================== ==
DNF vs CPU: From now on, your DNF vs CPU is never allowed to be higher than 0%. If this happens, you'll be given 1 warning. After that warning, i'll kick you from the league again, resetting your DNF vs CPU back to 0%. If it goes above 0% again, you lose the privilege to play CPU games for the rest of the season. If your DNF vs CPU goes above 0% at any point after that, you'll lose the ability to play CPU games for as long as your in Sitwell Enterprises.
================================================== ==

1. You are not allowed to trade your 1st round pick for 1 full season

2. I've been thinking about it and seeing how we had a draft and the core of every team is significantly different theres no point in having max trades BUT if any trade is deemed ridiculously UNFAIR and we get many complaints about it we will decline it

Tanking: Any GM caught "Tanking" or trying to lose games on purpose, will be removed from the league, no questions asked.
Additional Bluth Fantasy Rules: Effective Immediately

1) PLAYSTYLE: What is and Whats Not Allowed

Anything and everything is allowed in the Bluth Fantasy. Shortside dekes, backhand-forehands on the breakaway, rebound goals, tying people up on faceoffs, wrist shots from the slot, etc...

What is NOT ok with me is Excessive Use of anything mentioned above or anything not mentioned above. This league is about having fun. There aren't leaderboards, no Cash Prizes, no special recognition. Hell, even when you win the Stanley Cup the only thing you get are moderate bragging rights between 29 other people and one special post from the Commish congratulating you. This league is about having fun and doing any one sort of tactic over and over and over again takes away the fun from your opponent. If you're confused about this, just keep the word "Diversity" in your mind. Mix your playstyle up. Nobody should be scoring all of their goals from doing the same thing over and over again. Nobody should be attempting to be doing the same thing over and over again (even if it doesn't result in a goal). If you've scored two breakaway goals doing the same move, try something else next time you get on a breakaway. If you've scored a few goals from wristers in the slot already, mix it up and work in some one-timers and rebounds. DIVERSITY people!

I want GMs to enjoy playing their games. This league should be about having fun, not putting up as many goals as you can. NHL 13 has a lot of flaws so lets not make those flaws worse than they already are by playing like some top 100 VS player schmuck. Mix things up, try something new, have fun! Its a videogame afterall.

Backup Goalie Rule:

Effective immediately, All teams are required to start their backup goalie atleast 10 Games in the regular season. EA didn't take goalie fatigue into the equation and as it is now, its extremely easy to have your goalie start 82 games without consequence. Goalies can be put in during double advances or be used in actual games.

Failure to do this will cost a GM a 2nd round pick in the next draft.

Flipping Players:

Any player acquired via trade cannot be traded for 2 seasons AFTER they are acquired.

(Only exception to this rule is if they are a pending UFA, not RFA)

Backup Goaltender Rule:

Your starter cannot play in more than 72 regular season games. This is to ensure that GMs put some importance on a suitable backup just like the pros. Failure to abide by this rule will keep you out of free agency for that offseason.

Teams Open:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are AVAILABLE!

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