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02-20-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by sansabri View Post
it's not just Ovechkin who's been subpar for the Caps. the team is at their third coach in 2 years and they've only started to look better these last few games.

you can point out Ovy's cap hit all you want - the guy remains a playoff warrior. to even consider a bunch of Oilers who have yet to take sniff of that action and say they're in the same neighborhood is really pushing it.
Playoff warrior is a strong word for a guy who hasn't been out of the second round. Granted he does have nice playoff numbers. Comparing him to the Oilers big four is a crapshoot and it all depends what Ovechkin we're talking about. If it's the one from the past year and a half to two years I'd be inclined to prefer the Oilers 4 slightly. If it's the Ovechkin of 2005-2010 it's an easy call to go with OV. As it stands I'd trade any of the Oilers 4 with the possible exception of RNH for Ovechkin and that's just because without RNH the Oil would be a disaster up the middle. But if Ovechkin continues to struggle, and by struggle I mean hover around the 65-70 point mark, that's a poor investment of pretty much a sixth of the team cap space.

Originally Posted by fedfed View Post
And Alzner and Carlson are established first defensive pairing. Comparing age is worthless because stats show that most NHL scorers peak out before 28. I think Neil Greenberg did that calculating Nash's value.
Are they established first defensive pairing guys? I guess it depends how you define top pairing - they're in the top 60 in the league but they're not elite by any stretch either. Yakupov has the least value of the big four and he's the reigning first overall pick that's done nothing but impress since being taken first. I don't think Alzner/Carlson, good as they may be, are worth a first overall pick. And if goal scorers peak out before 28 wouldn't that be awful news for the guy quoted above's support of Ovechkin?

Originally Posted by fedfed View Post
What Oiler fans show here is called "What have you done for me lately" mentality. Typical for a fanbase of a team whose stars are on the rise. As soon as they will normalize, their production will come to normal, statistically average result of their talents, you'll start remembering past performances. Been there, done that.
What's normal for Ovechkin though? The Hart trophy Ovechkin or the 65 point scorer eating 10 mill of cap space?

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