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Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
Neither Ted nor Terry 1) know enough about player personnel to have any say besides what color ink to sign in 2) this isn't Microsoft, it's the player department of a NHL franchise. The GM makes the desiscions and all Ted and Terry do is ask themselves if this holds to their vision of the franchise. If it doesn't you fire the GM. No one is vetoing anything.

In the Golisano era Darcy had to answer for every move he made. He was cautious because he had to be. 1 bust set the franchise back seasons because of lost playoff revenue. Under TP it's Darcy's roster and he handles it as he sees fit. Now he can afford to throw money at Leino and have it fail. He can trade his top prospect, he can trade for rights then have the dollars to close a deal and what's more Ted and Terry have told him they believe in his vision of this team and yes have trusted him with the keys. Either he brings the car home and we parade down main street or he totals it. Either way the Sabres future is in Darcy's hands.
Sooooo, do ya still think Ted and Terry are afraid to pull any strings?(and don't say that's not what ya said, cuz it is) As I said in my previous post, if they don't micro manage their GM, they're crappy businessman. PERIOD!

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