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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
I think Richards looks like garbage right now. I think he's making careless play after careless play and I think that asking for him to play a more "creative" game is only going to magnify those problems. He hasn't been able to carry the puck in and he hasn't been able to make smart passes. How is relying on him to do those things going to magically improve his ability?

I don't think Gaborik has ever had the skillset to carry the puck in himself and do the type of things that would be required of a 7+ million dollar player in a more open system, not to mention he was third in goals last year in the "so-called system" that the "clown" coach was so stupidly forcing him to play under.

I think Stepan has done just fine under Torts so far.

I think Kreider isn't ready for the NHL no matter what system he's in.

I think Nash is absolutely suited for a more open system along with Hagelin and McD, but I don't think that 3 players are enough to change an entire system for. Who else is going to carry the puck through the zone? Who else is going to possess the puck and make the slick plays required of a more open system?

This idea of "last year is last year" doesn't make sense to me. Last year was a normal 82 game NHL season, this season is a weird mess of a 48 game season with no preseason and short camp and a start that was not even sure to happen at all. Last year the same "system" that is being **** on over and over was in place and a team with the same core pieces put on their best performance in a long, long time. And last year the same complaints were made to start the season. There was a Fire Torts thread. It's the same idiotic cycle all over again only this time instead of learning from the past people are dismissing it, saying "last year was last year."

Let me ask you this: Why do you think that guys like Richards, Gaborik, Stepan and Kreider would be more effective in a different system? That was my original question. When have any of them shown an ability to do the things that are necessary to abandon dump, chase and grind and go into a more puck possession game? I haven't seen it from Richards once this year, or from Gaborik, Stepan and Kreider really ever. Gaborik is a great player, but he's never played in a wide open system like that and he's never been a puck possession guy. Despite that, he's always been a 30+ goal scorer and last year he was even better than that.
I respect your arguments - although I do not agree with them. And appreciate your level of discussion. So we can agree to disagree at this point. Cannot elaborate on it now cuz --- ummm --- the vodka hath taken over. And that level is not meant to be here. Peace Bro!

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