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02-20-2013, 04:08 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
That basically sums it up. He isn't going to be moved at the deadline for the simple fact that we aren't going to be able to get the player that will significantly improve us in return.

If we do decide to keep him in the summer, I don't see any chance of a multi-year deal though. If he keeps up his play, then he has earned a raise, but I don't think he will have earned a 3+ year contract (2 years will not be on the table). 1 year/$3.5m makes the most sense.

Can the Blues afford to pay a third liner $4m? It is an interesting question because of how the team is built. If we are going to continue rolling 3 scoring lines, without elite offensive talent, then I think we are ultimately going to end up in that kind of situation.
I'm not sure I follow your thinking on why there wouldn't be a two year deal. He'd be UFA next summer, so another one year deal simply brings him to UFA status in which case the Blues are far likelier to lose his value for nothing. If they sign him for two years and buy one of his UFA years then they'll have more trading options. Same with three years. But guys who have played their ELC and then their bridge/prove-it contracts who have seemingly proved value are going to want that first contract getting into UFA land to establish their open-market price tag.

Another way to think of it. What if, instead of next summer, it were this summer he were UFA. What would he draw on the open market this summer after a rebound year? Certainly 4M+. He and his agent are going to feel they know the answer to that question when they go to negotiate with the Blues. He might take less to stay with the Blues and the team situation, and also the single RFA year will slightly take that AAV number down (but only slightly).

Yes, maybe the Blues intend to have three second lines with a mix of ~4Mish players and ELC guys going forward. It's possible.

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