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Originally Posted by Gerbox 360 View Post
Not that it means I'm good now, but my team won the EASHL Championship in NHL 09 when there was only 1 and it wasn't monthly. Free trip to Vancouver to play( and beat) the PS3 guys and what not.
yay... so happy to add another good player... woohoo...

West could look very different next season with a few new teams, i know san jose is gonna be tough for sure. then again pretty sure most of the new teams last season(myself included) made big jumps compared to the first season. this is my favorite league that I've been in . Very well run, I like the advance schedule of 4 days, gives the perfect amount of time to get as many games in as possible, and everyone is understanding when a few games now and then don't get played, and very few glitch goalers, actually we'll call them exploiters haha haven't run into anybody who really uses glitches, just a few "high percentage" folk who like the same play, but i think they are all gone anyways. here's to another great season , with Jumbo and Mckenzie behind the wheel, i'm sure we are in for another good season.

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