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02-20-2013, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
Honestly, I think Regier should go as well.

This roster is very limited and - while I think it was in the best interest of both Buffalo and Ruff to move one - no coach is going to turn this mediocre team into a winner.
I don't get why 2 weeks before the lockout ended everyone agreed this was a bad team. After we signed Hecht all of a sudden we were a 4-8 team. It's a turn around year with 2 of the youngest centers in the league and an 18 year old rookie. I really don't think Regier threw this team together to be a contender. It's a team very much waiting on a prospect or two to develop and a few trades or signings to happen.

Lindy Ruff wasn't fired because he couldn't get a transition team to win. He was fired because he couldn't get a team in general to show up for any games. Much like 70% of last season, and 70% of the season before.

Give a new coach 2 years with what Regier gives him, If the team still sucks then, Regier can look for work elsewhere too.

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