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I was just thinking about staff and more specifically, sporting directors. This is a post from the first page of this thread:

Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post
So what are the thoughts on staff salaries at this point? I'm paying around $400k per day, and that seems like a complete waste of money. I'm spending 200k on sporting directors a lone, and I don't think it's worth it because of the random factor of youth pulls.
If you can get your hands on sporting directors with low player training, they will cost less than 100k/day even at 100 in youth training. My 100/31 director costs 97k, and my 100/15 costs 95k. But let's use 200k/day for calculations.

That means 100% youth training comes at a cost of 22.4M/season. I have not had 100% consistently throughout the last 5.5 seasons, but I think it has been over 80 at least. My SA has gone from ~L9 to L11 in these years. My TF has gone from ~11 to 13, with coaching ranging from 70%-95%. All players were pulled at age 15 so the S8 crop is now 20.

This is what I've pulled and kept, listed CL is what they were pulled as:

No players.

Center, EQ: 76.88% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 479
Goalie, EQ: 96.94% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 586

Center, EQ: 78.45% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 659
Right Wing, EQ: 72.05% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 586
Left D, EQ: 83.79% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 537

U Winger, EQ: 80.09% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 711
Goalie, EQ: 90.46% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 796

Goalie, EQ: 86.30% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 821
Right D, EQ: 77.36% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 721
Center, EQ: 88.84% CL: 5/6 Current OR: 926
Left Wing: EQ: 87.06% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 847

Goalie, EQ: 73.44% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 817
Right D, EQ: 83.68% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 1013
Right D, EQ: 78.69% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 1017
Left Wing, EQ: 80.93% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 968
Right Wing, EQ: 78.11% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 1012
Center, EQ: 75.87% CL: 6/6 Current OR: 829

Some of these players have only been kept around due to staying at 6/6 for many seasons. This all averages out to ~7.2M per player. Considering that the team I just beat consisting of hired mid-20's mercenaries has bought his players for more than 10M/player, these have been sound investments since they are going to continue growing. I expect a few to surpass 1400 OR before they peak, which amounts to at least a decent player in the Swedish I.1.

But we have yet to consider alternative costs. What happens if you hire cheap SDs or no SDs at all? You get less pulls, and while the quality is entirely random, the OR is still affected by the SDs, which takes a chunk out of a prospect's value.

Another radical approach is to neglect the SA altogether and try to find all your prospects on the market. Requires a lot more work, but sometimes you strike gold.

Since my pockets are shallow, I've had to go for the flawed but cheap strategy. Maybe CL was at 5/6, maybe the OR was a bit too low, but all of these players were acquired for less than 3.5M, sorted by current age and listed with current CL and OR:

Age 17:
Left D, EQ: 88.12 CL: 5/6 OR: 400
Left Wing, EQ: 95.71 CL: 6/6 OR:526

Age 18:
Right Wing, EQ: 90.88% CL: 5/6 OR: 617

Age 19:
Center: EQ: 83.41% CL: 5/6 OR: 683

Age 20:
Left Wing: EQ: 85.45% CL: 4/6 OR: 880

Age 21:
Uni D, EQ: 89.89% CL: 4/6 OR: 941

Decent players, but I'm not sure they will be better than my youth pulls in the end. It seems like most of them started too far behind.

In the end, I'm going to stick with my expensive SDs. I hate scouring the market for players, and it feels just a little bit better when your star player has been pulled a from your SA rather than being bought as a 15/16 y.o..

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