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02-20-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Northender View Post
What I was getting at was we are apparently going to be seeing the talented and mighty hockey nation of Austrian playing in the Olympic tourney. In a World Cup / Canada Cup format, no way does a country like Austria get invited to particpated over Germany. Not in a 100 years. Why, becuase Austria doesn't produce the pro's that Germany does.
Which is another great reason why the World Cup/Canada Cup was a joke. They picked teams randomly instead of having a system of qualification where the teams that actually play good hockey got to participate.

And actually the pro's that Austria produce has nothing to do with it. Germany would get in over Austria because there's more people and more money to be made in Germany. The NHL would choose countries based on what countries are going to make them more money, it would have absolutely nothing to do with the level of the sport in said countries. (Except for the traditional major powers of course)

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