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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
Did you note that part of my sentence that said "for borderline players"? Demers, Braun, Burns, and the others aren't borderline players.
As bad as Clowe is, he isn't a borderline player so I don't get your point.

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
And White was terrible just by being signed. He had just been bought out, he was horrendously slow, and he wasn't that good to begin with. Just signing White was a mistake. And signing him for anything over league minimum was a bigger mistake.
Hindsight is 20/20. No one thought that it was a terrible contract at the time. There were some doubts since he was bought out, but at 1 million, no one really cared. 1 million was the going-rate for a 6/7 defenseman that off-season. Not to mention it's not like cap-space was an issue last season.

Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
As for overpaying his own guys, I honestly think he'll see getting Clowe in the $4-5 mil range as a bargain. If DW perceived Clowe in anything remotely the same way the fans on this board do, he would have been gone last year. The fact that Clowe is still with the org and still getting consistent top-6 minutes means that DW still see's Clowe as a critical part of the Top-6. More so than Havlat. That right there should be all you need to see to understand how DW is valuing Clowe. Given that Clowe will be signing his first post-30 contract, I'm sure DW will want to pay him "fair value" in his view for his prime UFA years.
I'm not disagreeing. I could totally see him re-signing Clowe, but he'll have to do other moves along the way to fit him in. Personally, I'd prefer he use it to sign or trade for someone like Versteeg (4.4 million cap hit), and then fit the other players into the cap following that. Then again, I could also see Clowe going to whatever team pays him the most.

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