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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Not sarcastic. You're talking about redoing subways to cut down on time or something and I understand the words and all that, but not how that correlates to people and then you're talking about tiles and some other mumbo jumbo that confuses me and so on and so on. I do wish you luck though. Seems like you're having a good time.

I used to play Zoo Tycoon, if that is anything like what you're doing. I remember normal zoo tycoon, then there was a dinosaur one that was so amazing. I remember I'd work super hard to get my visitor numbers up to a certain point, like a few hundred thousand a day or something, then I'd build a cage wall to cut off the entrance to the park and then "accidentally" delete a fence on the T-rex exhibit. Aww lawdy lawdy, call me a sadistic ***** or something, but it was hilarious.
Haha, that is awesome. I do that sometimes when I get pissed off at a city. I'll just take out ye olde' disaster menu and start to rain down meteors and hostile aliens and earthquakes and all kinds of stuff. And if I'm really feeling mean, I'll shut off the fire departments, drop a couple of nuclear plants around town and then deliberately cause them to melt down. Good times man, good times.

Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
I was only half lost through that update. I kind of got what was your problem and why you needed to solve it and what it achieved, but can't tell WHAT you did to solve it.

I mean, "put the stations on bypasses" kind of escaped me.
Well the problem I was addressing was subway line congestion. You see, in a city with 3,100,000 sims in it, almost every subway line I have in the city is congested because EVERYONE takes the subway with the Network Addon Mod installed (no really, my subway to car traffic ratio is at least 3:1 or something).

The way I had my subway set up when I originally built it is like this (=== subway line X station):


With the stations directly on the line. What that does is add to the congestion, because while the subway lines themselves have a very very high capacity, the stations do not. So subway traffic gets backed up waiting to get through a congested station, it makes congestion worse and nobody is happy.

So what I did was totally re-built the system with the main lines offset from where the stations are, and each station gets its own little line that hooks back into the main line, so that main-line traffic just keeps going since intersections do not slow subways down at all.

Looks sort of like this (if this shows up right)

================= <---main line
|| || <---Individual station lines coming off the main line
=X= <--- subway station no longer directly on the main line

So the main lines have now bypassed all of the stations. Think of it like a limited access highway. Once you are on the highway, you get to go full speed from wherever you got on, to wherever you are going because there are no stop lights. These little station lines jutting off the main subway line are like the on and off ramps.

Doing this cut my commute time in half, because now the only congestion on the main lines is from actual subway volume, not from waiting to get through crowded stations.

And cutting commute time results in an increase in desirability, which leads to crappy low-wealth tenements being leveled in favor of fancy mid-wealth deluxe apartments, and a slight increase in population. I think I gained something like 50,000 on the strength of this upgrade. But I still think it would be pretty hard to push 3,200,000 at this point, as packed as this city already is.

Originally Posted by StealthClobber View Post
Avder do you plan on getting the new SimCity?
I'm considering it. I'm going to wait until after launch tho, at least, for them to get the bugs worked out of the system, and also to see if someone on youtube does a lets play of it that can get me interested.

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