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02-20-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I agree. Those points all jive with my own take on the situation. Part of me wonders what the front-office's take on the current team is. When I think about adding the final piece to a cup contender, I don't envision shipping off two homegrown kids and a top prospect, then following it up by adding several UFA's in the summer. It all seems disjointed to me. I had the thought earlier today of: Does this team think they're as close as everyone else does? Nash is a big change. Potentially adding ROR is a big change. What cup contender turns over 1/3rd of it's roster over in the year since it came so close to a cup final? It's really odd.
I'm glad we made a lot of changes. The Rangers probably overachieved in a Cinderella season and ended up playing razor thin playoff series against the Sens an Caps, arguably got outplayed by both. NJ just schooled them. Resting on their laurels would have pissed me off. The Rangers made the ECF in a weird year with a lot of upsets (good on them for not being upset), I don't know if they're an ECF team most years. They were barely an ECF team last year.

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