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02-20-2013, 04:51 PM
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Honestly, this list is very interesting to look at. I would completely agree that certain teams are underperforming/over-performing based on this list but it by no means a tell-all. As a Ducks fan I know the team is over-performing but like a previous poster said, I dont think its that much more than the Blackhawks or the Devils. This team is fairly scary when you boil them down, much like the Hawks. Depth scoring, solid goaltending from both goaltenders, and some youngsters that are living up to the potential. You can call it a perfect storm or what-have-you but realistically this storm has been brewing for a few years and its finally come together under a new system and new coach.

I will admit as much as I see this continuing, I can also see the train de-railing and **** hitting the fan very fast. The Ducks of old, the goon group, can show up any time and it could turn into a Wild-esque flop (last year). Only time will tell.

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