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Originally Posted by EastonBlues22 View Post
I honestly don't understand the amount of vitriol that Cole seems to draw.

Cole has all of 62 NHL games under his belt, and another 109 professional games against men in the AHL. Take his production over those 62 games and you're looking at a projection of 3G, 12A, +19, 73 Hits, 107 Blocked Shots, 32 Giveaways, 13 Takeaways, and 89 PIM through his first 82 games.

For comparison, Jackman's Calder year: 82GP, 3G, 16A, +23, 52 Hits, 47 Blocked Shots, 36 Giveaways, 11 Takeaways, and 190 PIM. Jackman was 2 years younger when he put up his stats, but the more important thing is that he had already amassed 75 professional games against men in the AHL at that time.
As things stand right now, only Jackman has a higher percentage of ES defensive zone starts on the team than Cole (among defensemen).

Only Pietrangelo averages more ESTOI per 60 minutes of play.

Nobody has faced a higher Corsi QoC at ES.

Nobody has a better GA/ON per 60 minutes of ES play (Cole's only been on the ice for 4 ES goals against all year)...and we all know that it isn't because Pietrangelo has been carrying him defensively.

The truth of the matter is that his limited time in the NHL has been productive, and lately he's doing relatively well in a significant NHL role in spite of his inexperience.

Heaven forbid Cole make a "rookie" mistake here and there. He's still a relative babe in terms of his professional development, so these things should be expected. Heck, far more experienced and accomplished players than him are going through worse struggles at the moment.

It just boggles my mind.
Agree with everything here. It seems Cole has replaced Jackman as the whipping boy on the backend.

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