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02-20-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
What troubles me most with tortorella is his inability to correct flaws with the play of the team. He said as much recently that the team is over thinking and not reacting. I think part of the problem is the way this team thinks on the ice... It's stupid.

I see alot of dumb decisions with the puck, especially in the offensive zone. What does this team work on in practice? Bag skates? They handle the puck like a hand grenade most nights.

When he first arrived I expected a much different product. I realized we didn't have the personnel back then, but now we do and still see the same product. I don't like this system. I can't stand the collapsing in our zone and nonexistent NZ play. Out inability to get out of our end cleanly is baffling! Then there is the Power play....

I don't think he knows how to get the best out of our young players. More and more he is coming off to me as a shallow screamer, who wants to be absolved of responsibility as he rides his top players night after night.

I give him until next season. He has had more than enough time to take this team to the next level

I will start by saying that before this season I thought that Torts did a good job of getting a lot out of your players and doing the right things to motivate guys to get the most out of them..... However, when this season started I was hoping he would make some adjustments to his system just for the fact that a DYNAMIC top player in the league in Rick Nash had been inserted.

but, this has not happened.... The powerplay is still AWFUL. There is no way with the names on this roster that you can excuse this, yet he hasn't done anything to try and resolve this.

It seems as though this team doesn't practice any kind of passing or transition work in practice. They really struggle trying to make things happen on offense and Richards and Gaborik really haven't looked great a lot of this season.

I don't know how this team can be so inconsistent this year... I don't know if Torts message is being lost among the players, but the whole team just isn't playing smooth at all. I don't want people to say anything about a training camp. Every team had barely any camp and when I watch other games it seems every other team makes it a lot easier to make things happen in the offensive zone.....

This system sucks and Torts is just too stubborn to do anything about it.

I still feel this team is only going to finish as a 7th or 8th seed.

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