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02-20-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Lessy View Post
Playoff warrior is a strong word for a guy who hasn't been out of the second round. Granted he does have nice playoff numbers. Comparing him to the Oilers big four is a crapshoot and it all depends what Ovechkin we're talking about. If it's the one from the past year and a half to two years I'd be inclined to prefer the Oilers 4 slightly. If it's the Ovechkin of 2005-2010 it's an easy call to go with OV. As it stands I'd trade any of the Oilers 4 with the possible exception of RNH for Ovechkin and that's just because without RNH the Oil would be a disaster up the middle. But if Ovechkin continues to struggle, and by struggle I mean hover around the 65-70 point mark, that's a poor investment of pretty much a sixth of the team cap space.
it's a team game, no? to put this 'big 4' up on a pedestal as if they've achieved so much is a joke - they've yet to achieve anything as a 'team.'

yes, we get it. Ovy has a huge cap hit. he got paid what he was worth. it's not like he got paid and slowed down. that came later.

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