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02-20-2013, 05:11 PM
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Also nullifying the difference between conferences is you should look at the total number of shootouts as a percentage of games played instead of straight up...

if the west has 21 SO's in say 160 games, and the east with 8 in 160...
it's 13.1% vs 5%... a variance 8% between the leagues... as opposed to looking at it like almost 3 times the amount.

So what amount of variance can be considered significant at the end of the yr? Is it 8%? 5%? 10%?

At the end of the yr, a 5% difference is an additional 16 SO gms for one conference over the other... 10% is 36.. 8% is a 29 gm difference.

Maybe if we lay out what would constitute a significant difference, we can then gauge how the trends are unfolding as the sample size continues to increase.

Until suggested otherwise by stats peeps.. i think using a 10% difference at yr's end as marking a significant difference would be a conservative start.



East 117 gms: 9 SO's, 7.7%
West 115 gms: 23 SO's, 20%


To me.. right now.. for that particular sample size (232 gms), the difference appears to be a significant one.
I also understand that there 488 more games to be played, so we will see.

Update Feb 25th morning:

East: 136 gms. 10 SO, 7.4%
West: 132 gms: 24 SO, 18.2%


So another week.. and another move towards each other.

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