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02-20-2013, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by thegodfather View Post
Debated on starting this thread. Probably could put this into many threads. Mods can lock if they feel this is overkill.

But a 1/4 of the season is now over so I'm wondering what the answers will be to these questions.

1. Who has most impressed you so far ?

2. Other then Bourque(LOL) who has least impressed you ?

3. Is there 1 glaring thing that scares you about the Bruins play so far ?

4. Using the A,B,C scale like in school, where do you feel the Bruins are playing at

Could the fact this team has been together for so long be hurting the team ? Whats that saying about being content.....
1. Marchand. He's always had the talent to score but by God, he's doing it at THE most clutch times. A goal under a minute left to tie it up has all the pressure in the world versus a goal when you're down 4-0. He's right there at the time you need a goal the most.

2. Chara. It's not even the mistakes he's making, it's that he's just not there. Invisible. I realize that's sometimes what you want from a defender, but he's capable of being more than that. He's just not exerting the game-changing type influence he has demonstrated in the past consistently.

3. Power play....and when I say that, I don't mean the lack of goal output....I mean the basic movement and opportunities to put the puck on net. Cycle, rinse, repeat. Too many passes, not enough shots, as if waiting for the perfect shot...that's not always available.

4. B- I expect to see more offense from this team. Defense and (especially) goaltending, I'm good.

5. Um....there's so many intangibles that comes from a lockout shortened season that I don't know if I'd call it complacency. Knowing your teammates is important....I look at a team like a Minnesota, with their big FA acquisitions and how they're struggling because they don't know and haven't played long with each other. I think all these Bruins want a cup and aren't complacent in that way. I think they've run into some tough matchups, and I'm not altogether too worried just yet.

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