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02-20-2013, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Winnipeg Jets View Post
What ever happened to channels like Discovery and TLC. Now all they play are these terrible "reality" TV shows that are fake from the ground up.

TLC used to stand for The Learning Channel, what can I learn from watching Honey Boo Boo? They used to have quality shows about space and history and all sorts of cool things and now it's all about fat people stories and wedding day BS.

I literally ranted about this on facebook not one week ago. Discovery, History, TLC, National GEO, A & E, OLN, ALL of these stations use to show primarily intelligent, thought provoking they show reality tv shows about being meter maids, pawn shop clerks, and other bull **** jobs that if i really, really gave a **** about what it was like to be- i could probably just go get that job.

****ing ridiculous!

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