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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Well the problem I was addressing was subway line congestion. You see, in a city with 3,100,000 sims in it, almost every subway line I have in the city is congested because EVERYONE takes the subway with the Network Addon Mod installed (no really, my subway to car traffic ratio is at least 3:1 or something).

The way I had my subway set up when I originally built it is like this (=== subway line X station):


With the stations directly on the line. What that does is add to the congestion, because while the subway lines themselves have a very very high capacity, the stations do not. So subway traffic gets backed up waiting to get through a congested station, it makes congestion worse and nobody is happy.

So what I did was totally re-built the system with the main lines offset from where the stations are, and each station gets its own little line that hooks back into the main line, so that main-line traffic just keeps going since intersections do not slow subways down at all.

Looks sort of like this (if this shows up right)

================= <---main line
|| || <---Individual station lines coming off the main line
=X= <--- subway station no longer directly on the main line

So the main lines have now bypassed all of the stations. Think of it like a limited access highway. Once you are on the highway, you get to go full speed from wherever you got on, to wherever you are going because there are no stop lights. These little station lines jutting off the main subway line are like the on and off ramps.

Doing this cut my commute time in half, because now the only congestion on the main lines is from actual subway volume, not from waiting to get through crowded stations.

And cutting commute time results in an increase in desirability, which leads to crappy low-wealth tenements being leveled in favor of fancy mid-wealth deluxe apartments, and a slight increase in population. I think I gained something like 50,000 on the strength of this upgrade. But I still think it would be pretty hard to push 3,200,000 at this point, as packed as this city already is.
Oh, that's very clever. I never managed to grow big enough of a city to justify building a subway, but... I still did it anyway. Good times, and flat broke cities.

Started playing little more Civilization V recently. I downloaded the Finland civ that some fan has made, and it's brilliant. Comes with Finlandia suite by Jean Sibelius as the default leader music, with other tunes accompanying the great soundtrack. Sauna, which replaces the shrine, is the civilization special building and special troop is the Ski Troop, which I can assume replaces infantry, haven't got that far yet.

I'm currently at somewhere around year 1780, and I already discovered electricity and therefore aluminum. Finished building the Eiffel Tower as well. I must confess, I'm playing this one on King difficulty though, usually playing on Emperor but I don't want to get my butt handed to me after taking a long hiatus from the game.

Also, Netherlands had the poor luck of being virtually next to me, and after they asked me if I was planning to attack (because I stationed my troops next to my border against them, fearing an attack from them), I just decided "**** it" and chose the "You're right, and it's time for you to die!" -option.

It was a successful invasion, and I managed to grab most of their cities, including their capital, before Napoleon (who was also in war with them) got his hands on them.

The upside was that I practically doubled my territory as well as my city count (from 4 to 8). The downside was (and is) that now pretty much every other leader thinks of me as a blood-thirsty tyrant, which lead to some pretty hostile comments, a lot of denouncements and Sweden, Germany and Austria eventually declaring a war on me. Now I'm fighting the Swedes to my east, trying to hold them off and maybe advance slightly, and the Krauts to my west. Austria is thankfully about half a map away from me to the south so I don't really have to worry about them, although I did sink one of their frigates with my galleas.

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