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02-20-2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
Voting. Was every President that got voted in the best President? Lame comparison maybe but you get my point. I figure as long as two players are in the same ball park then it should be a wash. Theres gotta be room for error there. Voting isnt an exact science and its a bunch of guys with a bunch of opinions with different criteria that could change on a daily basis.
Yeah, but as Epsilon said, the Hart Trophy is a forward first trophy. I bet this stems from that there are no best forward trophy available, and since the Norris and Vezina came way back it has moved in that direction. Pretty much guys like peak Orr and Hasek, or somewhat near them had a chance, and even then it was on too fiew occations considering just how dominant they were. Lidström has'nt got one, what does that tell us?

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