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02-20-2013, 05:31 PM
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Senior In High School Starting?

Hey there guys. I am a Junior in HS who wants to finally play some serious hockey. My school has a loose club team where they only practice a couple times a week and aren't very good. It is a golden opportunity for a newbie like me to get his legs moving so that in college, he can have some fun with an intramural league or even club team.
A few questions...
1. Is it too late??
2. How do I convince my parents who say "I am not in physical condition for it" I would work my ass off but I am not sure how to convince them. Plus, I am 5'9" 167 pounds. I run an 8:50 mile.
3. Costs- I need a full set of pads and at least 3 sticks and a pair of skates... PLUS I would have to pay for the league.
4. Any recommendations on equipment for starters (Not willing to spend over 400 dollars)

Thanks so much to any responses, I definitely wanna go knock some heads.

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