Thread: Speculation: Winnipeg Jets 2013 Draft Talk
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02-20-2013, 05:37 PM
Flair Hay
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
paul gausted gets you a late first.

I' would hope hainsey by himself gets you a late first.

I'd be fine with that, IF it was apparent he wouldn't be resigning here and we were where we are in the standings now at the trade deadline. If there's a 50 - 50 chance he resigns here, no way do i ship him. there is not much of an upgrade available via UFA this off season

Antro, who's criminally underrated IMO, is the more replaceable of the two. I'd expect more then a third for him but who knows. I'd have less issues shipping him out then hainsy, but even then it really does weaken our third line considerably, though Wright is showing himself capable in that position.

Essentially i know what value gets placed and what gets traded for late firsts, generally good third liners/rentals, i just mean that maintininig/ having the opportunity at resigning a veteren #4-5 D man for several years is worth more to me then a 20% chance dice roll on getting a top 6 player 3+ years away.
I think we're in agreeance Grindy. I mean I'd love to get a first for a deadline rental, and it's definitely happened in the past. With all the hype around this draft, we'd really have to find a perfect storm where Antro and/or Hainsey

A) fill a need
B) the team is going for it this year like Nashville last year
C) the player fits the teams system

Here's to hoping it works out well.

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