Thread: Proposal: Leafs/Oilers trade proposal
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02-20-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by iCanada View Post

Bozak would be leading the Edmonton Oilers in scoring? Bozak would make Hall look like our best player, then when that line is broken up would make Hemsky look like our best player?

Give me a break. Gagner is better offensively, he goes to the hard areas more, he hits more, he fights more. Gagner is younger, faster, and bigger than Bozak. Gagner is also under team control longer than Bozak, AND has played more games in the NHL.

Gagner has been the better player his whole life, and is four years younger.

The Anti-Gagner stigma has to stop, Gagner is better, and will continue to. In terms of value, Gagner and Bozak shouldn't be close in any sane persons mind.
Now their not even close in valueoilers always pick 1st overall for a reason.

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