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Originally Posted by Linters View Post
The only way to stop the same old annoying stuff being brought up all the time by other fans is if we embrace it entirely no matter how despicable it may be. I'd suggest avatars with every incident that makes people hate the Canucks in gif form then after the gif a quick flash to the Canucks logo and the wording All Class. And by no matter how despicable I mean one of those avatars should be Bertuzzi Moore, atleast one should be of the riot, burrows and the finger incident, Hansen and the referee, Hansen and Hossa since everybody is currently pissed about it, Lapierre and his finger, Ryan Kesler's dive against LA last year. Basically we own everything the other fans like to use against us and then suddenly using it against us is last palatable.

You have a good list going. Lets think of more.

Remember when Burrows scattered the snow back into the goalie crease after the goalie finished cleaning it up. The goalie cleaned it up again then Burrows did it AGAIN ! Word got out that Trevor Linden (of all guys) told Burr to do it.

Does Matt Cooke as a Canuck count ?

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