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02-20-2013, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MJMazzarone View Post
Devils respectively decline.

However if you can make a package around Tallinder for Hemsky or Gagner (not saying straight up just to be clear - but rather a package around those players) then that would be different.
Don't bring that up please.

Oilers aren't trading either one of those players for a 34 year old defenseman. I'm a Devils fan and it's quite clear.

If someone turned around and tried to send you a 30 year old defenseman for Elias or Josefson, Devils fans would abruptly say no. Not the two best examples, but you get the point.

No reason for the Oilers to do a trade like that. The reason this trade was presented was Whitney isn't needed with the Oilers, but they failed to recognized that he also isn't needed in New Jersey. The idea of the trade and change of scenery wasn't bad though.

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