Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ducks sign Fasth to Two-Year Extension
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02-20-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Duckstudd269 View Post

Eminger, boynton, Hedican, etc... Bad small signings that hurt our lineup.

Ill wait and see what he does with Getz and Perry before I praise him for this year though.
I want to address these two statements. First of all, signings like the aforementioned SHOULD be done by a GM of a team who is on the budget. You need to sign guys like that for cheap and hope they outperform their contract. The reasoning is, you are not on the same playing field as teams who can spend to the cap. You need to take risks, and hope they work out, so that you can compete. Sure, sometimes they might not work out, but then you spent 1million (I did not research their salaries, but my memory states they were relatively low). If they do workout, however, then it is a signing that can push an average spending team to a higher position than they should achieve. As a budget team, you need to take risks if you do not have a perfect storm of prospects ready to play, as is seemingly the case now.

The second statement I agree with 100% and will definitely be a major point on how Murray's tenure is evaluated. For the record, I like that Murray is proactive and takes risks. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but I think it is an important trait for any GM of a budget franchise.

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