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02-20-2013, 06:55 PM
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It's pretty weird right now...

Our 3 big problems early in the season are resolving themselves, but the wins are escaping us..

- The Sedins are starting roll.
- we have scored 6 PPG in the last 6 gms
- The PK has settled down and on a 25/28 (89%) 'run'.

- Kesler is back, now Booth is back.

The problem... the D is falling apart 5on5.
10 goals against in the last 3 games? after allowing 8 goals in the last 7? It can't be blamed on the goaltenders at this point.

Team Defense looked so solid (and lucky) before that Dallas game. I'm almost at a loss for how its flipped a bit here.

I'm chalking it up to bounces at this point. The D was making the same brainfarts during that 8g in 7 gm stretch.. but we weren't getting burnt by them. But the defensive 'process' has been a step behind all season... not a recent thing... but being magnified now with the recent results.

Matter of time i think. Feeling very confident with the team right now. I know this D is capable of playing 'head-up-the-arse'-free hockey... i await patiently till they figure it out.

That finishing 35 minutes of the Blues game... and the 1st period (minus the PP ) and 3rd vs the Hawks... was an awesome flash of what this team has been and is capable of..
When they decide to come in waves... it is fun to watch.

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