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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
What niche is that? Defensive forward who can chip in offensive and is still developing? What has changed from last year in that regard. If anything it took Therrien a while to realize where Eller's game is at and to put him back in the position Eller already had last year as a top 9 forward still working out his offensive game.

Eller has always played with intensity, even last year and the year before, not much has changed in his game other than he's winning more board battles than last season which has a lot to do with the fact that he bulked up greatly in the summer. His game has always been centred around puck possession and strong board play. This "intensity" in regards to Eller is a myth. He's always played the same way as a player, i.e, carrying the puck through the neutral zone, dumping it behind the goal line and retrieving it. He was one of the better players last year in doing it as well, I really don't see any changes in his game other than he hasn't played with quality linemmates.

I don't credit Therrien because if anything, it has taken Therrien 15 games to realize what he has in Eller only to put him back in the role Eller finished off last season (and finished off on a positive note showing potential for more). Let's not forget that Eller is only in that position because Gallagher is injured (which makes me doubt if Therrien had any intention on moving Eller up into the top 9 at any point) and that Therrien has been reluctant to push Eller up in the depth chart despite being one of the team's better players these 2-3 weeks.

I have little complain about Therrien this season so far (even though I wasn't fond of the hiring), but I don't credit him for anything in regards to Eller.
Jacques Martin played Eller on the 4th line in his first season, neglecting his potential, and accidentally formed the Eller-AK combination by punishing Kostitsyn, taking him away from the top 9. For some reason, both of these coaches didn't trust Eller.

I agree with you, justifying the coach for scratching Eller after game 1 doesn't make sense, let alone crediting him for Lars "sudden" resurgence. If anything, Therrien missed the boat and got lucky, just like Martin.

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